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He is the greatest, Robbie Savage had this to say about a Manchester Utd legend

Amongst recent debate Robbie Savage chose this legendary United midfielder as the best to ever do it in the Premier League

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

This class of 92 player chose his former teammate as the best Prem midfielder ever
This class of 92 player chose his former teammate as the best Prem midfielder ever
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G.O.A.T debates are one of the most popular debates within sports right now. Messi or Ronaldo? Jordan or Lebron? In every sport you will find them. Success and recency always play a huge role when it comes to who enters that debate and it always sparks an interesting conversation. Manchester City have had a strong grip on the Premier League in the last decade. For 20 years United were able to dictate where these conversations went, but now Manchester City fans believe they can now start dictating these conversations.

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The battle that they have chosen to fight is the battle that has been going on for 15 years now. Who is the best Premier League midfielder ever? For a long time, the conversation started and ended with three players. Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. The three Englishmen have been competitors for a long time in this debate and any time someone else enters it, they feel like an outsider.

City fans feel like their guy cannot be viewed as an outsider and deserves the right to be argued as the best to have ever done it in the middle of the park in the Premier League. That man is Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian has torn Premier League apart for ten seasons now and is delivering title after title to the blue side of Manchester. He shares the single season assist record with Thierry Henry with 20 assists in a season. And his game changing ability is second to none.

Paul Scholes was considered your favorite player’s favorite player. The midfielder’s game was not as loud as the other three, but it was just as if not more effective and helped United win over 10 league titles. His name is highly spoken in Spain where the likes of Pep, Xavi, Iniesta, and Zidane have all given him the highest of praises.

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Robbie Savage on why Paul Scholes is the greatest midfielder in the leagues history

When Robbie was asked the question, he had this to say “I think if you look at Scholesy or Kevin De Bruyne - the same type of players. When you’ve got Iniesta, Zidane talking about Scholesy the way they did, I’d have to just go for Scholesy. It’s a great debate but I would say Scholesy,” said Savage.

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