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Eriksen trembles, the young promise who would replace him at Manchester United

Manchester United have set this young player as one of their main targets.

By Angus Barnes

Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen
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The red devils are looking to make some changes to the team and this include the fact that they are looking for some younger players to arrive to the team.

Manchester United main concern for the next part of the season and for the future of the team is that they have the need to sign some new younger players to the team, that could help them to have a really great season but also to secure the future of the team as well, and this could be the next step for the team in this transfer windows.

On top of that it has been confirmed that there are players like Christian Eriksen that are not able to keep up with the season that the red devils have the need to play in the team, and this could another reason why they are actually looking to make some changes and why they are also looking to let the red devils arrive to the team in the next few months.

This has caused for several sources to believ that the red devils might be close to go ahead and sign Arthur Vermeeren, the 18 year old player that currently plays at the Royal Antwerp team seems to be one of the best opitons and the fact is that he could arrive to the team for a cheap amount, and this could really help the team.

Arthur Vermeeren seems to be a target for Erik ten Hag since the last summer, and now it has been confirmed that the office of the red devils have confirmed their interest and they might be ready to go ahead and send the first offer to secure that the player arrives to the team in the next summer transfer window to really help the team now.

Arthur Vermeeren value

Another reason for the red devils to send the first offer for Arthur Vermeeren could be the fact that right now they would be able to get the player for 30 million euros, an amount that could increase in the next few months with his latest performances.

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