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Dan Ashworth approaches Man United and talks about his philosophy for the team

Manchester United new sporting director has a very clear philosophy.

By Angus Barnes

Dan Ashworth
Dan Ashworth
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The red devils are keen on the idea to go ahead and make some changes that would also allow them to have a bigger impact on the team right away.

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Manchester United new office is keen on the idea that the red devils need to make several changes to the hierarchy of the team, and the fact is that right now they are looking to do just that for the team, and the fact is that they would be looking to go ahead and make this changes with the arrival of a new sporting director to the team as well.

"We want the academy, recruitment structure, loan planning, medical team, everything, set up with first-team performance and results in mind. If you don’t do that, you’re wasting time, effort and resources." Ashworth said and the fact is that the red devils are now looking for him to make the same changes that he did with the Brighton team and with the Newcastle team to get some better results as well.

Ashworth also added, "We [Brighton] value the in-possession qualities of our defenders more than some other clubs might. So, whether we’re buying a player, training a youngster in the academy, finding a coach or loaning a player out, we think about getting the most from our defenders when they have the ball." in his philosophy of the player as well.

"We have to look at younger players, or players from areas that are less fashionable or harder to get to. We’re always looking for value for money." Ashworth ended and the fact is that the red devils are looking to give the control for the team in the next part of the season and this could really help the team to make the best changes happen for the team now.

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Dan Ashworth future

Most of the sources do believe that Dan Ashworth is looking to arrive to the red devils and get the full control of the operations next to Berrada and this could really help the team to make the changes that are needed for the near future now.

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