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While United are asking 20 million for Fred, Galatasaray's insane offer comes as a surprise

Manchester United looking to sell Fred but not at such a ridiculous price

By Harry Smith

Manchester United looking to sell Fred but not at such a ridiculous price
Manchester United looking to sell Fred but not at such a ridiculous price
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Erik Ten Hag is still looking for ways to sell players, Fred is one of the main players who would be willing to leave due to the lack of minutes and opportunities within Manchester United, for that reason the Dutch coach has already made known to the clubs interested in the Brazilian how much they would have to pay for him. 

Before talking about the figure, we must remember that Fred arrived at United 5 years ago, during that time, the Brazilian midfielder could not consolidate with the club, who paid 60 million euros in the 2018 season, a pretty high figure for a player who came from Shakhtar Donetsk

However, the situation today has changed and because of his poor performance United could only recover 20 million of the 60 million invested by Fred, this amount is very low compared to what was paid, but it is true that the club currently needs the money and that transfer can make the difference to continue looking for new key reinforcements for the start of the season. 

At the beginning there were only two teams interested in the Brazilian, the first one that was announced a couple of days ago is Fulham, which seems to be the club most interested in the player and would be willing to pay the 20 million asked by United and the other is AS Roma, Mourinho who took Fred to the Red Devils, would be looking to reunite with Fred, but now in Italy, however, recently just added another club that would be interested in Fred and would have already made their first offer. 

Galatasaray's bid for Fred

During the day, Manchester United reportedly received an offer for the Brazilian midfielder, the team that is interested in the player is Galatasaray of Turkey and although United had already announced the price for Fred, the Turkish club offered the ridiculous amount of 6 million pounds, something totally unusual and that was also rejected immediately; the club hopes to receive a good offer that allows to reach an agreement for the player. 

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