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While De Gea would have earned £375,000, Onana would have signed for an amount that surprises everyone

One of the reasons why Ten Hag preferred Onana

By Harry Smith

One of the reasons why Ten Hag preferred Onana
One of the reasons why Ten Hag preferred Onana
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Manchester United would already have well defined who would be their next goalkeeper for next season, after much uncertainty Erik Ten Hag opted for the Inter Milan goalkeeper, André Onana to be his successor in goal, while David de Gea, will have to look for a new team.


Today in the afternoon the news came out that David de Gea, was leaving the club for good, the Spanish goalkeeper sent a message through social networks saying goodbye to Manchester United, thanking the 12 years he spent at the club and the new challenges he would seek to have, this certainly came as a surprise to all fans, who, although we already knew how this story would end, we believed that there could be a different outcome, one that deserved the legend of the club. 

Now that everything has been decided and United have opted for André Onana as the replacement for the Spanish goalkeeper, we could begin to speculate some of the reasons why Ten Hag would have chosen Onana over De Gea; the first could have been age, as the Cameroonian goalkeeper is 5 years younger than the Spaniard. 

Besides that, one of the key reasons would have been the type of game that the Inter Milan goalkeeper plays, it has been said repeatedly the idea of the game plan that Ten Hag is looking for in his goalkeeper, the coach would seek to emulate what Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have done in their respective teams, which is that the goalkeeper plays well with his feet and has good control with the ball, something that David de Gea lacked. 

The salary reason that benefits United 

One of the reasons De Gea would not stay with the club was because of his salary, the Spanish goalkeeper was expected to earn £375,000 a week, a figure United would not be willing to pay, whereas with the deal Onana would sign, he would be earning approximately £135,000 a week, a third of the Spanish goalkeeper's salary.

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