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United in trouble, Glazers' decision that would seriously affect the team

The Glazers continue to affect the team

By Harry Smith

The Glazers continue to affect the team
The Glazers continue to affect the team
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The Glazer family continue to be in the spotlight, their mismanagement has plunged the team into one of its worst financial and football crises and yet they have not been able to make a decision on the future of Manchester United.

It has been 8 months since the announcement about the alternatives to be sought to sell the team, however, there has been no resolution on the issue, the proposals of Sheikh Jassim and businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe have already been put on the table, but still the indecision of the Glazers continues to wreak havoc for all the fans. 

Now due to the long wait by the American family, Manchester United shares have fallen by 2.38 per cent, and as the days pass and no decision is made the shares could fall further, no doubt this is a result of the poor management of the club and this would only indicate that a resolution on the sale could only drag on for longer. 

This not only frustrates the fans, but also the two candidates who are still waiting for at least a decision to be made or talked about; the question here is to keep waiting for all involved in the hope that neither of the two contenders will get fed up with this situation which has certainly reached its limit. 

Sheikh Jassim no longer the favourite

In the weeks leading up to the announcement of this situation, Sheikh Jassim looked like the favourite candidate to take over the club, reports from Qatar had indicated that his purchase was almost a done deal, however, favouritism for the Qatari Sheikh has fallen drastically as his offer is rumoured to have divided the Glazer family and this has caused further delay in the election process.

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