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This is why Erik ten Hag made no mistake in sending Cristiano Ronaldo from United

Manchester United had to do what was right for the team

By Harry Smith

Manchester United had to do what was right for the team
Manchester United had to do what was right for the team
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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in history, over the years his hard work, his mentality and his talent have led him to become the idol of several generations; this also includes all of us who are Manchester United fans, as we were fortunate enough to see him when he was just starting his career. 

In his first stint at Old Trafford he was able to win everything under Sir Alex Ferguson who was his mentor at that time, being champion of the Premier and Champions League he was consecrated as one of the best players of the club, and then embarked on his journey through Spain and Italy where he also achieved everything to consolidate himself as the greatest in history. 

After 12 long years, he returned to what we all thought was going to be his retirement, however, the story was very different, because despite having a great season 21/22 and scoring goals in key games, the arrival of Erik Ten Hag began to break a little the relationship between the Portuguese star and the club, as both parties had totally different ideas. 

For that reason, after Ronaldo was receiving few playing minutes and several frictions with the coach, the club decided to terminate his contract midway through the World Cup; shocking news for everyone, but we were eventually to understand the reasons. 

In the end Ten Hag did the right thing

After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, many fans thought it was one of the worst decisions Manchester United had made, however, as we have seen Erik Ten Hag has a totally new rebuilding project for the club, because against all odds, the team remained in the top three of the Premier League, had direct passage to the Champions League and also during the summer has been making important moves for the better functioning of the red devils, so in the end Ten Hag was right to let go the Portuguese.

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