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Third time's the charm, Ten Hag would give him one last chance to prove he deserves to be at Old Trafford

Manchester United show some confidence in player

By Harry Smith

Manchester United show some confidence in player
Manchester United show some confidence in player
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Erik Ten Hag is very clear that players deserve one last chance to show that they are up to the demands of the team, although Manchester United does not give many of those opportunities, this specific case is very different, because the player has shown that he has the capabilities, he just has to find the rhythm. 

Jadon Sancho is a special player who has not been able to show his true talent with the Red Devils, the English striker is one of the specialties that the club would do by letting him show that he deserves to be in a big team like United and although it is known that the pressure is not easy and having to perform at the highest level, we are sure that at the beginning of the season he can do it.

Sancho arrived two seasons ago to Manchester United, he came from Borussia Dortmund with a poster that he was going to be one of the best players in the world, his skills were demonstrated in his time at the Bavarian club, for that reason the red devils paid 85 million euros, to be able to get the services of the player, who promised to be the main star since his arrival. 

However, the story has been completely different, as his level has dropped drastically and with the possible arrival of new reinforcements, the coach would have to think about options that could benefit both parties for the future and the plans that each one has. 

Jadon Sancho's future

There has been much talk about what will happen to the England striker and although a few days ago it was speculated that his departure from Manchester United before the end of the summer was almost a given, it now appears that Ten Hag could give him one last chance so that in his third season with the team he can prove that he has the qualities to stay in the squad.

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