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The whole situation was a lie, the action of the Glazers that made the fans furious

Manchester United fans devastated by latest news

By Harry Smith

Manchester United fans devastated by latest news
Manchester United fans devastated by latest news
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The Glazers issue has not stopped all summer, there have been endless updates on the situation that have kept all the fans on the edge of their seats and hoping for a new owner who can reverse the situation that the American family has caused. 

As we can remember, since November it was announced that the Glazer family would be looking for a new alternative that would allow them to make changes in the club, however, 8 months have passed and there has been no response from them, despite the fact that Sheikh Jassim Al Thani and businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe put their offers on the table since the beginning of June, but they are still waiting to see what will happen. 

This has undoubtedly brought a lot of frustration, anger from the people involved, but also from the fans who believe that a new era for Manchester United is totally necessary; however, everything points to the fact that the Glazer family will continue to be the stave of the team, as news has just come out that shocked everyone. 

It all seems to be a lie 

According to an official announcement, the Glazers seem to be in charge of Manchester United for when the Premier League starts on August 11, this because the deadline for investors has already passed, therefore the American family would remain as the sole owners of the club; The American family have not given an answer about the offers they have received since June, so the Premier League has no choice but to postpone the sale of United until next season, so it is beginning to speculate that all this was just a show staged by the Glazers so that they could raise the value of the club and thus get out a little of the debt that they are dragging.

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