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The reason why Sheikh Jassim would give the Glazers an ultimatum, surprises everyone

Sheikh Jassim could make a tough decision over glazers

By Harry Smith

Sheikh Jassim could make a tough decision over glazers
Sheikh Jassim could make a tough decision over glazers
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Manchester United has been in the midst of uncertainty for more than 8 months now over the situation surrounding the sale of the club; since the Glazers reported in November that they would be looking at alternatives to see what could happen to the club, but to date there has been no resolution to the issue.

During this long and tedious process there have been only two contenders to buy our team, as we all know Sheikh Jassim Al Thani is the favourite to take over United, due to the great vision, proposal and management he could implement in order to bring back the glory the team has lost in the last 10 years; his counterpart businessman Jim Ratcliffe is the other remaining active contender with intentions to buy the club, however, he has a totally different idea. 

Ratcliffe is only looking to be the majority owner, leaving a small percentage for the Glazers, so they would remain in charge of the team, this undoubtedly angers the fans as his main objective is to get the Glazers out of Old Trafford for good, so in the eyes of the fans Sheikh Jassim would be a better option for owner. 

However, the last ones who have the decision are the Glazers and for that reason is the reason why the Qatari group begins to despair because for more than a month the proposals of both candidates were put on the table and during that time, there has been no conversation, not even a response or counteroffer, this has impatient the sheikh, who could a terrible decision. 

Sheikh Jassim's situation

The Qatari group is one of the most powerful in the world, for that reason his idea of buying the team would be to return it to be one of the best teams in Europe, along with a very large economic investment in different areas of need that the club has; given that the indecision on the part of the Glazers would have led Sheikh Jassim to a limit in the negotiations so he could take the decision to withdraw his proposal in the event that the American family takes longer to make a resolution.

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