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The player who plays with the England national team could arrive at Man Utd

By Harry Smith

The player who plays with the England national team could arrive at Man Utd

Manchester United wants to have the best players, and when it comes to English players with greater reason.

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Manchester United is a team that will always have the highest demands, being the most media team in England, they will always look for a margin of improvement as a team, the team lives a restructuring in its bases, which have been driven by its newly arrived manager, Erik ten Hag, who is trusted by the team's directors.

The Red Devils will explore some options in the winter transfer window, although it is unlikely that they will look to make any significant moves, the board has told Erik ten Hag that a possible transfer investment could take place until the summer of 2023, as there is the possibility of looking for a big signing if the desired objectives are achieved, or the acquisition of a free agent.

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The option of Manchester United's incorporation is to cover the goal of the Red Devils, the salary received by the Spanish goalkeeper, David de Gea, is more than three times what Jordan Pickford, the starting goalkeeper of the English national team, and one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, earns, due to the economic possibilities of Manchester United can tempt the English goalkeeper.

In addition, the Everton player's contract expires in 2024, because of this, with a short contract duration, the signing may not be very expensive, that combined with the fact that he is one of the goalkeepers with the highest projection are issues that could leave David de Gea away from Old Trafford, who has been the main goalkeeper of Manchester United for 12 seasons.

Jordan Pickford could replace Spanish keeper David de Gea, who will be a free agent

David de Gea expects to receive a financial offer close to what he earns in the team, the second highest paid player at the club, would certainly help the team's finances an exit, it would free up salary space to look for a big signing in the summer if they manage to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League.



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