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The one-club player, Marcus Rahford's message that excites all fans

Manchester United happy to have Rashford for this season

By Harry Smith

Manchester United happy to have Rashford for this season
Manchester United happy to have Rashford for this season
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Manchester United has had many brilliant players throughout its history, who eventually became legends of the club, however, most did not spend their entire career at the club, in fact, in modern football we see that this is increasingly complicated, as players seek to have new challenges or go to other teams that pay better, so the loyalty of footballers is highly rewarded by the fans today. 

The case of Marcus Rashford is one of them, the British striker of only 25 years of age has already become an icon for the Red Devils, as he comes from one of his best seasons in his career, scoring 30 goals in all competitions, besides that he is one of the references in the attack and a fundamental piece in the scheme of Ten Hag; for that reason it was of vital importance that Manchester United could renew the striker, who was in his last year of contract and that several European teams were already on the lookout for the player. 

However, in a not at all easy task for the coach and the club, they were able to reach an agreement for Marcus Rashford to renew with the team; there is talk of a contract with a duration of 5 years, 16-18 million pounds a year, which is a salary of 300,000 pounds a week approximately, no doubt this is a great victory not only for the club, but also for the fans who wanted to continue seeing the striker wearing the shirt of the red devils and now we will have the security that Rashford stays at home. 

Rashford's message to all the fans

The British striker has spent his entire football career at Manchester United, from the academy to the first team and being one of the club's biggest names, so after his renewal Rashford dedicated a few words to the fans; "Thank you so much. It's a great honour to play in front of these fans every week, and it's something you never get tired of. We absolutely want to win trophies. The goal is to win the Premier League and the Champions League. 

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