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Still on hold, Sheikh Jassim's motive to end negotiations with Glazers, surprises

Glazers keep Sheikh Jassim and Jim Ratcliffe on standby with decision

By Harry Smith

Glazers keep Sheikh Jassim and Jim Ratcliffe on standby with decision
Glazers keep Sheikh Jassim and Jim Ratcliffe on standby with decision
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The club's takeover novel is still without any apparent end in sight, with both candidates still awaiting a decision from the Glazer family that will allow them to continue negotiations, however, that still seems a long way off, so one of the parties involved may be starting to despair. 

It has been more than a month since the offers from Sheikh Jassim Al Thani and businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe were announced, during this time there have been a series of updates which has kept the situation in suspense, as the Glazers have not communicated anything about it and although their choice is by no means simple, their way of handling the sale of the club is what has many fans upset. 

As we already know, both candidates have already put their proposals on the table, both have completely different ideas for the club; while Sheikh Jassim seeks to have complete control of Manchester United, as well as offering some financial liquidity to cover the debt left by the Glazers and a way for new signings and refurbishment of the facilities; the businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe only plans to have a majority stake in the shares and even leave a stake to the American family. 

This would undoubtedly have created controversy among the fans, who want the Glazers to leave the team permanently, so not only could the Qatari sheikh's offer be better, but also the fans would be happy with it and approve of the long-term project he has with the club. 

Sheikh Jassim's promise to United

The Qatari group is the favourite candidate to take over Manchester United, not only because of its proposal, but also because it would seek to have a future plan that would allow the team to return to the success it had been accustomed to; according to an interview with Sheikh Jassim, he reportedly commented "We will make Manchester United the best in the world again, we will invest in the stadium, the community, the facilities. No debt and we will take nothing out of the club". This certainly excites us, as we expect the Red Devils to return to dominating European football.

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