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Sir Alex Ferguson ruined his career, the player who was forgotten after arriving at the club

His career was never the same again  

By Harry Smith

His career was never the same again  
His career was never the same again  
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Sir Alex Ferguson has been one of the best coaches of all time, with United he was able to live 27 years of joy and many titles, besides that he was the mentor of many players who eventually became the best footballers of his time, this has certainly made football respect and praise the career that Ferguson had. 

As already mentioned, many of the United players who are now recognised as the best in their position, much is due to the work that Sir Alex Ferguson did with the players, as he gave them all his support, all his knowledge, until they became legends of the club; we would not finish listing the names of the players who became the pillar of the team and also after his departure, they were able to succeed in other clubs.

However, as always there is an exception and Ferguson had one; during the 12/13 season, Sir Alex Ferguson had already noticed a young player called Nick Powell, who was playing for Crewe Alexandra, this player was going to be called to be one of the best in his generation, but before signing for United, he was planning to sign for Arsenal, so Ferguson had a talk with him and convinced him to choose the Red Devils

But unfortunately for the team, Powell could never be what Ferguson once saw in him, he could not get many minutes of play, nor many opportunities, so he ended up stagnating his career and never shine in Manchester United, at the end of that season the coach would retire and Nick would leave the club the following two seasons. 

What has become of Nick's career?

After his time full of failures at Manchester United, the midfielder could not take off again in his career, he had spells at Wigan, Leicester and Stoke City, but in none of those teams he could consolidate, so at 29 years of age, he is at Stockport in the fourth division of England, becoming one of the biggest disappointments that United has had.

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