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Shocked fans, offer that puts Sancho's future at United in jeopardy

Sancho has not performed up to United's expectations of him

By Harry Smith

Sancho has not performed up to United's expectations of him
Sancho has not performed up to United's expectations of him
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The British striker was one of the great promises that England and football had, his arrival at Manchester United filled with illusion all the fans who hoped to see him succeed with the Red Devils shirt, unfortunately in two seasons Jadon Sancho has not been able to consolidate at the club and his departure is very close. 

Before arriving at United, Sancho spent 4 seasons in the Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund, at his young age, the English player would become one of the key pieces of the team and one of the biggest revelations that any club in Europe wanted to have, because during that time at Dortmund he would score 50 goals and more than 60 assists, something that would really impact everyone.

For that reason, Manchester United decided to make an offer of 85 million to bring Sancho to Old Trafford in the 21/22 season, although he has only spent two seasons with the club, his performance has not been as expected by the fans, who are starting to get tired of the player and see him as one of the many failed signings that the team has had throughout its history. 

With the arrival of Erik Ten Hag last season, things did not improve, as he only scored 7 goals and made 3 assists in 41 games played, a low figure for the player, because of that the coach would have decided to start receiving offers from teams, as the value of Sancho decreased to half of what they bought him for and at this time United what is urgent is to sell players.


Dortmund want Sancho back

Ten Hag would have received an offer from Borussia Dortmund, the offer would be on loan, so the coach would decide to reject it, because the club is not interested in a temporary move with Jadon Sancho, what they would seek is to sell it, so the player would remain on the transferable list and the club would continue to review the offers that come in the future.

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