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Sheikh Jassim trembles, Sir Jim Ratcliffe's bid to become United's new owner

Ratcliffe confident he can be Manchester United's new owner

By Harry Smith

Ratcliffe confident he can be Manchester United's new owner
Ratcliffe confident he can be Manchester United's new owner
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The Glazer's have yet to make an official decision on who would be the next owner of Manchester United, although many see Sheikh Jassim Al Thani as the favourite, billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has reportedly tabled a bid that could probably place him above the Qatari Sheikh. 

It is no surprise to say that the Glazer family prefers Ratcliffe as a possible new owner to Sheikh Jassim, because the British billionaire would only be interested in a certain percentage of the team, which would leave the Glazers still with some control over the club, while Jassim is looking to take full control of the club, invest in players and facilities and that is why the fans are waiting for the arrival of the Sheikh.

However, things could change drastically, as Ratcliffe and the Glazers have been in regular talks, with the billionaire saying "We have a good offer and we've met with the Glazers a couple of times. We've had good conversations with them", this would suggest that the businessman would be confident after his meeting with the current owners, coupled with the favouritism they have for him, that he could end up keeping the club. 

This would undoubtedly be a very strong blow for all the fans who are eagerly awaiting the resolution of this issue and who also want Sheikh Jassim to be the new owner because of everything he has promised and the ideas he has for the club that we are all excited about. 

Ratcliffe's offer that could change everything

Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe made an offer that could exceed the 6,000 billion dollars from Sheikh Jassim Al Thani, as the idea of the briton is to keep 69% of the shares of the club, and leave the Glazers with 20% of shares, which would still allow them to have some control, so the board sees this offer as a favourite and the decision on this issue of the sale that has been going on for 8 months, could reach its final point.

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