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Rio Ferdinand believes Manchester United are in a new crisis this season

By Angus Barnes

Manchester United former center back believes that Erik ten Hag has a new crisis in his hands.

Manchester United former center back believes that Erik ten Hag has a new crisis in his hands.

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The red devils might not be able to get past the group stage in the Champions League, and that could really complicate the future of the manager in front of the team.

Manchester United hierarchy set different goals for the red devils in the season, and the fact is that now it seems that none of those goals might be reach in any of the competitions, now that they have been knocked out the Carabao Cup and that they need to win their last two games of the Champions League group stage to make sure that they at least got the chance to qualify.

“We are in crisis mode again. It is a roller coaster at Manchester United. We were watching the game and I was shouting, 2-0, Rasmus Hojlund, I was thinking, We found a hero, and then everything suddenly collapses.” where the words of Rio Ferdinand that believes that the red devils might need a lot to change now.

Rio Ferdinand added, “They capitulate and for me that is a sign of a lack of character. When they are in a situation of adversity, they do not have enough leaders and characters to get through it, and that is what you need. It is not a question of capacity in this situations.” and the fact is that this defeat shows that the team definitely lacks the character to make this actually happen.

“Leaders bring out the best in their team mates, that is what we need to see. But again, it all comes from the manager. The manager is the one who steers the ship. It is up to him to responsibility. The players must take responsibility, but so does the manager.” Rio Ferdinand ended his statements on the current situation for the red devils now.

Erik ten Hag work

One of the main concerns now is the fact that Erik ten Hag and the Manchester United players are able to show the work of the manager in some parts of the games, but they struggle to dominate or even control a game for the full 90 minutes.

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