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Red Devils the highest paid for their players and the lowest paid for the results they get

By Harry Smith

Red Devils the highest paid for their players and the lowest paid for the results they get

Manchester United is the team that pays the most money to its players in the Premier League.

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Manchester United have won five of their last six games. The worrying thing is that at Old Trafford the last thing they have been celebrating are good runs and some championships that are important but are not what the club is really looking for, since Manchester United is the most important team in England and aspires to Champions League and Premier League.


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The team is going through a new rebuilding process under Dutch manager, Erik ten Hag, who has been a trusted figure in the team's management. They have spent more than £200 million on signings in the summer transfer window, and they are a team that has not won the Premier League for ten seasons. Plus they won the Champions League 15 editions ago. Today they are competing in the Europa League.


Undoubtedly these are hard facts for the Red Devils fans, who are used to other scenarios, which are more promising and full of results. Man Utd have a debt of almost €600 million, they finished last season as the team that pays the most to its players, they pay almost €30 million on the coaching staff. All these amounts hit the team's pride, as they failed to even reach the Champions League.


Erik ten Hag is on a mission to reverse the results of recent years at Man Utd


It will be a vital month in which the Old Trafford team resumes activity, nine games will be played in that month, many things will have to be defined, in which we will see what the squad is for, what they can compete for in the coming months, and also see if there will be the possibility of looking for players in the winter transfer market.


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