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Pogba reveals why he exited from Manchester United

We will finally understand why he moved back to Italy 

By Harry Smith

We will finally understand why he moved back to Italy 
We will finally understand why he moved back to Italy 
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Pogba's decision to leave Manchester United has been met with mixed reactions. Some people understand his reasoning, while others think that he should have stayed and fought for his place. Regardless of the mixed reactions, it's clear that Pogba had valid reasons for leaving Manchester United. He wasn't happy with the way things were going for him.

Pogba made it clear that his decision to leave Manchester United was not based on money. We all know he was one of the best paid in the Red Devils earning almost 15 million pounds a year. So leaving for Juventus may be a good choice carrer wise. In the end, there he had his best level and performance.

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His decision to leave Manchester United came as a surprise to many people. Since the Glazers offered a new deal for him that would have made him win over 500,000 pounds a week. However,  only time will tell if Pogba will be successful at Juventus since the black and white team is having a terrible season so far. 

Why Pogba Left Manchester United in his own words:

In an interview with an Italian magazine, Pogba outspoke all the reasons why he came back to Juventus.  “I like to think and say that it’s my heart that made a choice to come back to Juventus. It was also maybe the right time to come back here. The last three years in Manchester [United], also conditioned by injuries, didn’t go the way I wanted, it is not a mystery”. Also, he highlighted his love for the Italian team.  “Inside of me, I know that this jersey is very special. It brings out my best. I never had any doubt that this is where I belong.”


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