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Player leaves Man Utd for seeing Pogba late for training and he was a starter

By Harry Smith

Player leaves Man Utd for seeing Pogba late for training and he was a starter

The player could not stand Manchester United's favouritism towards the French midfielder.

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Manchester United is in a very different stage to what it was before, since Erik ten Hag arrived to the team the favouritism within the team has ended, the difference has been noticed in many ways, from how to sign players, and how to take them to earn a place, not give them a special treatment, they are still the same club players.

Erik ten Hag has implemented a learning model based on respect, tolerance and above all discipline. Bruno Fernandes commented that the team needs to be more disciplined in many aspects, and that since Erik ten Hag arrived there has been that way of working under the pressure of being in a strict environment.

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There is a good atmosphere at the club, since the results started to come in, it is very different to when the players made their life at the club what they wanted, the commitment must be there in a team as important and as mediatised as Manchester United. That is why the respect that should exist from players to the club should be at its highest.

The story of Donny van de Beek, is the case of something that was not believed, the player just returned from loan and it was leaked by his former agent that the player was not happy with the role that Pogba had in the team, the player who is the most expensive player ever signed in the history of Manchester United, the world champion had a special treatment.

Donny van de Beek asked to leave when he saw Pogba was playing and arriving late

A player who doesn't want to allow that kind of attitude at the club is exemplary, it is more than clear that Paul Pagba owed a lot to the institution, he was left in debt and lost a bit of Man Utd fans who expected a performance.


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