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No plans to leave, United player who would refuse to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, surprises everyone

Manchester United values player loyalty

By Harry Smith

Manchester United values player loyalty
Manchester United values player loyalty
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Manchester United has had several offers for its best players throughout its history, few have been those who have really preferred to stay with the club, as many others have sought financial gain or simply new horizons. 

Nowadays some clubs with a lot of economic power seek to sign the players of the moment, due to the urgency of wanting to sign them as soon as possible and that other teams do not steal them, causing the value of the player to increase and in turn this causes the market to have to raise the prices of others; so teams that have smaller budgets are forced to spend more for their goals. 

Now the Arabs are on the lookout for players not only on the verge of retirement, but they want players in their prime, with the intention of making an impact on the league and making it more known; after the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr, all eyes turned to the Arab clubs who have offered a huge amount of money. 

Some of the Premier League players have decided to leave for that reason, Firmino, Kante, Mendy and Koulibaly, are just a few names of players who have decided to move to the Middle Eastern country, however, there is one player who preferred to stay at United, with whom he is looking to win everything.


Bruno Fernandes preferred to stay at Old Trafford

Since his arrival at Manchester United, the Portuguese midfielder has been one of the best players that the club has, his leadership and dedication have also made him one of the favourites for the fans; besides that in recent days has shown the loyalty he has to the team, as he has received several offers from Saudi Arabian teams, obviously offering him much more money than what the Red Devils could offer him, however, Bruno has rejected all offers, as he seeks to succeed at Old Trafford.

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