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Marcus Rashford could leave for this team for FREE at the end of the season

By Harry Smith

Marcus Rashford could leave for this team for FREE at the end of the season

Rashford's current footballing form is very promising, he started the season on a roll and is wanted by top clubs.

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Many teams have been alerted to the situation.    
They are aware of the player's current form, who has had good performances in matches, as well as having the confidence of coach Erik te Hag, who even projects that his player will easily surpass 20 goals this season.


The significance that will be for the Red Devils to try to establish a long-term contract and with the conditions that the Englishman is looking for, will be a more complicated negotiation than usual, as he will be a very requested player to meet certain demands that the most important clubs in the world are looking for. Marcus has the support of the team, as Erik expressed that their offensive will be centred around him.


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Despite a good season so far, it should not be forgotten that the Frenchman, Anthony Martial, is about to return from the injury that sidelined him at the start of the season. And the case of Cristiano Ronaldo who at any moment of the season will return with conditions to keep the place he had secured last season.


There are two teams that will make media pressure from now on, one of them is the London team, Chelsea, which is liked by Graham Potter, and will look for a way to convince him with a good sporting project. The other option that is being talked about today is Atletico Madrid, as Angel Correa and Lemar will be leaving the Spanish team in the short term, and they will be looking for a reference in attack.


Marcus Rashford has had ups and downs in his career, will he renew?


The three goals and two assists he has provided at the start of the season have not gone unnoticed, as the 24-year-old striker had not had a project where he commanded the attack and was backed by the Man Utd management. The team will do its best to negotiate with the player and announce his contract renewal in the coming months.



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