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Manchester United legends explode over loss to Brighton

By Harry Smith

Manchester United legends explode over loss to Brighton

Former team players exploded by the current reality of Manchester United

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Erik Ten Hag has not had the expected debut in an official match as manager of Manchester United, the defeat against Brighton has caused anger among the fans, players and now legends of the Red Devils.

Former team players such as Roy Keane and Paul Scholes began to criticize the work of manager Erik Ten Hag but especially the players, as no one expected to lose to Brighton at home at Old Trafford.

"The United people always receive in front of their own goal with a single direction ... turn around, for God's sake." Said Paul Scholes in his work as a sports commentator, he also criticized the club's midfielders. “It was a lousy start, the first half was a disaster. From the first minutes you could already see that it was going to go wrong. The quality of United's midfield has been very poor, but this is something we have seen in recent years with these two."

Roy Keane sees indiscipline in the team

Roy Keane exploded against the players and accuses them of being conformists: They don't run, and that's not giving 100%. What has been said in the sports city during the last two months is that they do not train properly. Discipline, arriving on time for training has to come from the group, not from the coaches. They are not giving 100%.



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