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Manchester United confirm their interest in the "German Paul Pogba"

Manchester United are looking to sign the next Paul Pogba.

By Angus Barnes

Manchester United are looking to sign the next Paul Pogba.
Manchester United are looking to sign the next Paul Pogba.
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The fact is that the red devils are really looking forward for the next transfer window and that could bring a lot of changes for the line up of the team in the next months.

Erik ten Hag believes that the team could have a done a way better role when it came to the transfers window, and now that has caused for the team to be looking forward this next chance in January, and they would also be ready to make some move happens to reinforce the team in the next part of the season and to get some better results as well.

And with the main issue of the constant injuries that the team has suffered in the past days, it is a fact that the red devils would be looking to make a move to sign several players that could arrive to the team and reinforce several positions, and that seems to be the case of this player that could be ready to join the red devils.

Now it has been confirmed by several sources that the red devils have sent scouts to watch the player that they called the “German Paul Pogba”, he actually goes by the name of Assan Ouédraogo, and he has shown a lot of great skills for an 17 year old, and it seems that the are also a lot of top teams that are looking forward to sign him.

Assan Ouédraogo currently plays at the Schalke 04 team, and while he still comes off the bench in most of the games, he has shown a lot of skills and it seems that United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are all intereste in making a move for the player that could be a real power midfielder in the very near future.

Assan Ouédraogo value

It seems that if the red devils would really like to get him this could be the perfect time to do it, because right now most sources believe that an offer of 1 million euros could be enough to secure the future of the “German Paul Pogba” right away.

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