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Like De Gea, he stopped out at Manchester United and now loses his life

English football mourns this terrible loss

By Harry Smith

English football mourns this terrible loss
English football mourns this terrible loss
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David de Gea has been one of the most representative goalkeepers in recent times at Manchester United, his time at the club is one of the most remembered, as his achievements both individually and collectively, this undoubtedly places him as one of the best players who have been in the team; however, United is in mourning after the painful death of who was also a great goalkeeper and legend of the club. 

According to media close to the team, Willie Carrick, Manchester United's goalkeeper in the 60's and 70's would have died at the age of 70 of natural causes; the Irish-born footballer stood out for several decades, not only with the Red Devils, but also with other teams in England. 

His legacy is etched in the memories of all those fans who had the joy of watching him play and defend United's goal for many years. Now it is time to say goodbye to a great player who marked a very important era in his early days with the club and who now becomes a legend who will be remembered forever.


Willie Carrick's career

The English goalkeeper made his debut with Manchester United in 1967, during his time at the club he stood out as a great goalkeeper, however, he had other characteristics that made him different from the rest, in a match of the 71 season, Carrick was lined up as a striker, the most surprising thing was that he ended up scoring 5 goals in the team's victory by a score of 6-0. 
United was not the only team that saw Willie play, after his time at club, the British goalkeeper signed for Luton for just one season, before moving to Chelmsford City, where he ended his career in 1984 and became a legend in English football.

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