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It raises doubts, why Ten Hag would no longer be interested in Goretzka's move

As quickly as the rumour arose, so swiftly could it dissipate

By Harry Smith

As quickly as the rumour arose, so swiftly could it dissipate
As quickly as the rumour arose, so swiftly could it dissipate
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Manchester United have had several rumours about players who looked like they might join the club at some point, but as time went by they were dropped for different reasons, there are still some players who at first looked like they could work out, but after a long analysis the board would realise the opposite. 


In addition to that, Bayern Munich is very interested in selling the player, so negotiations should not be a problem, if both parties are in agreement to make the move, however, things quickly took a radical turn, because, just as suddenly emerged the idea of hiring Goretzka, just as quickly the idea has been dissipating. 

Ten Hag already had in mind who the midfielder he was thinking of signing would be, Moroccan Sofyan Amrabat has been pushing his arrival at Old Trafford with the latest updates on his case, so that is a reason not to sign the German, who will apparently have to keep looking for new clubs, as his time with the Bavarian club seems to have come to an end. 

Doesn't fit in at Old Trafford

Leon Goretzka exploded his level a few years ago where he showed an impressive physical change, he was one of the key pieces for Bayern Munich to win the Champions League in 2019, however, now it seems that he no longer has a place with the Bavarian club, so he had left as a rumor for the Red Devils, but now after a thorough analysis, it seems that he does not fit with United, because he would not receive many minutes, plus the board would not give much money for his transfer so it seems that none of the parties would suit the movement.

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