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Impressive, what Maguire is doing while Ten Hag is already thinking of selling him

Harry Maguire not giving up so easily

By Harry Smith

Harry Maguire not giving up so easily
Harry Maguire not giving up so easily
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During the summer Manchester United have made clear their desire to sell Harry Maguire, the defender would not be in the manager's plans so his future at the club, only depends on the offer they can make for him, however, Maguire has done something impressive that could make Ten Hag think about his decision. 

Halfway through last season we noticed that the Dutch coach was starting to take away Maguire's minutes on the pitch, his performance and his lack of connection with the fans meant that the English defender saw his role within the team diminish, on top of that the captaincy was taken away from him to give it to Bruno Fernandes, who was reaffirmed as captain for the 23/24 season this afternoon. 

On top of all that, another reason why Maguire is increasingly out of the club is because the manager has made it clear that the British defender does not fit in with his system of play, which is for his defensive side to be comfortable with the ball at their feet, so that they can circulate the ball and get the team going from deep; as we know Maguire is not very good with ball control so Ten Hag would be looking to sell him and get a replacement with those skills. 

So it is very likely that we are seeing the last moments of Harry Maguire wearing the shirt of the Red Devils, or at least we thought so, because according to some reports, the defender would have other plans than those of Ten Hag and would find a way to stay at the club. 

Maguire's training sessions 

During the last three weeks the Manchester United defender has been training three times a day with Ricardo Carvalho who has been helping him to do one on one training; besides that, during an interview he said that he would not like to make a change of team, so his plan is to fight for his place and not give up so easily, however, Erik Ten Hag will be the one who will make the final decision on this issue.

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