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If Rashford leaves for PSG, the only one who could make him forget is Harry Kane

Manchester United would have to find a great replacement for Rashford

By Harry Smith

Manchester United would have to find a great replacement for Rashford
Manchester United would have to find a great replacement for Rashford
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Manchester United has been known for having great players throughout its history, these players have not only shone for their performance, but also for the approach they have had with the fans, this has led them to experience an even higher degree of appreciation, so it is very difficult when they decide to leave. 

Nowadays, not many players enjoy that appreciation and support from the fans, the club has gone through difficult times, so connecting with the fans has been complicated, however, there is a player who is one of the most loved, besides being the future of the team; his performance and his love for the shirt have led him to be one of the favourites. 

The player we are talking about is Marcus Rashford, the young striker of just 25 years of age has become one of the pillars of the team and a fundamental piece in the scheme of Erik Ten Hag, the Englishman has been all his life at Man Utd, so he knows perfectly the vision and values of the team, so he always tries to represent them on the pitch. 

For that reason, the news that Paris Saint-Germain were looking for Rashford would have been quite surprising, as it is known the striker is coming from one of his best goalscoring campaigns in his career, so the interest of the French club grew, besides that, the English striker is in his last year of contract so the club would have to look at alternatives in case of losing one of their best players. 

Harry Kane as an option for Ten Hag 

Manchester United cannot afford to lose a player as important as Marcus Rashford, but in the event that the team could not offer the same as PSG, the coach would have to look for an alternative in attack, so Harry Kane would have emerged as one of the most viable options, his eye for goal, his leadership and his track record would make the fans could forget a little the possible departure of Rashford.

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