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His intention was always to go to Old Trafford, Mason Mount's video shocking

Mason Mount arrives as United's best signing

By Harry Smith

Mason Mount arrives as United's best signing
Mason Mount arrives as United's best signing
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The arrival of Mason Mount at Manchester United has been the talk of the town over the last few days, with all eyes on the player and the club, as he arrives as one of the great references for the team and with the promise of being able to shine with the Red Devils.

The process for Mount to arrive at United was not easy, Ten Hag had to swim against the tide so that the negotiation could reach the point where the club could get to the point where it was convenient and not lose so much, this because on 3 occasions the offers that were put for the British player, were rejected by Chelsea, so at some point the arrival of the midfielder was stalled. 

However, in the end Man Utd were able to reach an agreement for 60 million and all the paperwork for the transfer was started; although Mount has not yet presented himself to the media to make his arrival at the club official, he has been seen in Carrington where he passed the medical tests and where he will sign his contract. 

Manchester United must be very happy to have a player like Mason in the squad, undoubtedly his arrival raises a spirit of hope that the club can do well during the season and in all competitions in which it participates, pre-season is getting closer and we can see the project of Ten Hag for the future.


Mount announces his departure from Chelsea

In a video for social networks, Mason Mount says goodbye to his coaches, Chelsea and all those who were in his process since childhood; the most curious thing about this video is that it shows Mount with dye in his hair, while hours before he had arrived at Carrington with dark hair, so it could be speculated that the plan of the British player was always to come to United and that this video would have been recorded some time ago, something that leaves all the fans surprised.

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