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He would be the replacement if David de Gea is not re-signed as Man Utd goalkeeper

By Harry Smith

He would be the replacement if David de Gea is not re-signed as Man Utd goalkeeper

Manchester United is one of the clubs with the biggest fan base in the world, which is why there are so many demands.

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Undoubtedly the strategy with the Dutch manager, Erik ten Hag, is very different to what we saw in recent seasons, some of the players who were considered relevant have been losing prominence, there are even cases of players like that who have a secondary role in the manager's squad, the specific case of Cristiano Ronaldo or the controversial central defender, Harry Maguire.


The team had a record transfer spend, the highest amount they have ever spent in a transfer window, £225 million to strengthen the team that will play in the Europa League this season. It looks like there are a lot of missing pieces in Erik ten Hag's new project, and they may even try to sign if there are poor results next month.


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Manchester United's losses last season were recently leaked, the team's contracts are complicated, the highest in the Premier League. One situation Manchester United must look to fix is whether it is necessary for David de Gea to remain with the club, the player is a free agent in the summer, renewing his contract would be too high.


Options of not renewing De Gea or signing Pickford are being explored


According to the Telegraph, Manchester United are exploring options to renew a salary that is one of the most expensive at the club, with the player having been the team's main goalkeeper for more than ten seasons. With the club planning to save money by signing and paying a lower fee, the option of Everton's England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford sounds like one of the most important.



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