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He won it all with Manchester United, now he needs to raise money for his retirement fund

The player who had to sell his most prized possessions

By Harry Smith

The player who had to sell his most prized possessions
The player who had to sell his most prized possessions
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In the 90's Manchester United was one of the most powerful clubs in Europe, their hegemony in England and their great victories in the Champions League, made all the other teams have a lot of respect for them; besides that, by that time all the players wanted to play for Sir Alex Ferguson, who in the end became one of the best coaches in history. 


As we remember at that time there were great players in the squad, such as Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and many more players who became legends, however, years before these players arrived at the club there was another great player who won everything with United and who was also an England international. 

Neil Webb was a Manchester United player from the 89/90 to 92/93 season, as well as playing for England for 5 years, during his career he was able to enjoy the economic comfort that the team provided him, however, during an interview, the former midfielder mentioned "My generation earned good money and you could buy a nice house, a nice car and put your children through private education. But it is a different world for today's players".

In a comparison with Casemiro, who now plays the same position as Neil, it was found that the Brazilian is earning £350,000 a week, while the English midfielder in his time did not even earn £100,000, it is certainly something surprising because despite having played more than 100 games with the Red Devils, winning a Premier League and more trophies, now his life is totally different. 

What Neil Weeb's life is like

The former England player retired almost 25 years ago, now at the age of 59 he is working as a delivery driver, as well as having had other jobs as a postman; now that he is not living as comfortably as he did when he was a player, he had to sell his shirt and cap from his England debut for £15,000 in order to put it into his retirement fund, so now his life is very different to what it was before.

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