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He won four Premier League titles, had a bright future but his bad habits ended his career

He could have been one of United's best players

By Harry Smith

He could have been one of United's best players
He could have been one of United's best players
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Manchester United has many stories of success and many others of failure; players have passed through the club without having much relevance, but others have been able to shine, even if only for a few seasons and that is how football is, when one as a fan thinks that a footballer will be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, most of the time we are wrong. 

Because it is not enough to be good and have the best skills, to be a sportsman you need discipline, courage and love for what you do, for that reason not many get to achieve what Ronaldo has done; in fact, one of his teammates with whom he spent a lot of time was with the Brazilian Anderson, who by then was one of the most promising young players in his class, for that reason Sir Alex Ferguson noticed the player and brought him to Old Trafford in the 07/08 season. 

During his time with United, the young Brazilian was able to demonstrate his abilities, as he was a Champions League winner and 4 times Premier League champion, however, his performance began to drop dramatically, as he did not have the same ambition as before. 

On top of that his bad eating habits were the cause of his departure from the club, as according to some of Anderson's teammates, they said that his lack of professionalism coupled with his compulsion to eat hamburgers meant that the player could not shine as one of the best players of his time, where he was meant to be, this is further proof that without hard work talent is useless. 

What became of Anderson's career?

After his departure from Manchester United in 2014, the midfielder had to return to his home country to play for Sport Club International and only two years later he ended up retiring with a team in the Turkish league, so his career was tainted because he was not able to perform at his best.

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