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He won a World Cup, spent 9 seasons at Old Trafford and now nobody wants to sign him

His career did not end as he had hoped

By Harry Smith

His career did not end as he had hoped
His career did not end as he had hoped
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During the history of Manchester United, the club has had some great players, some of them have won everything with the team and others have become legends that will be remembered forever, however, there are a number of other players who once they leave United cannot consolidate their careers in other teams. 

One of the clearest examples of this last situation is the Spanish Juan Mata, who was with United for nine seasons, but before that he had a spell at Chelsea, this is something common to happen, as several players from Stamford Bridge move to Old Trafford, even so, his time with both teams was successful in terms of titles and performance, as with United he accumulated 285 games and 18,000 minutes.

There is no doubt that this makes clear the importance that Mata has in the midfield, however, although he won some titles during his time at the club, it is true that he had one of the most complicated times that United has lived, since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, just a year before Juan Mata arrived, the team has not been able to win the Premier League and its performance in the Champions League has not been the best either. 

In addition to that he had to live several stages with different coaches, so that does not help to carry a lasting project or have continuity, because each coach has his way of playing, even so, Juan Mata remained for a long time until he had to leave last season, so he ended his time at Old Trafford. 

Juan Mata's current situation

After leaving United, Juan would head to Turkey to play for Galatasaray, however, after only one season the midfielder is without a team and it looks difficult for him to find one due to the fact that he is already 35 years old, so this is probably the last we have seen of the Spaniard.

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