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He won 3 Premier Leagues, played with David Beckham and finished his career in the third division

Once he left United his career took a downward spiral

By Harry Smith

Once he left United his career took a downward spiral
Once he left United his career took a downward spiral
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Manchester United has been fortunate to have great players in their squad, this has allowed them to enhance their history; although much of this success is due to what Sir Alex Ferguson did, having one of the best periods in the history of football, there is also a player who had a great influence in this process.

As we already know David Beckham is one of the great legends of the Red Devils, from a very young age he started his career at the club and had the opportunity to coincide with great players that maximized his potential, there is no doubt that to date what Beckham did at the club will be remembered throughout history, as his ball striking, technique and style made him a global icon.

However, there is one player who shared the field with him, but his story, at least outside the club, was not surrounded by great success, his name is Quinton Fortune who played with Manchester United for 6 seasons in the midfield position, although that position was quite plagued by great players of that time, Fortune always had several minutes in his years with the club. 

The South African midfielder was one of those players who, although he did not stand out so much in the team, he was able to win everything, unfortunately his time at Old Trafford came to an end in the 04/05 season and after his departure very little was known about the player, only that 5 years later the last team of his career was Doncaster Rovers in the third division of England, so he could not fit in at any other club. 

Quinton Fortune's achievements

The best years of the South African's career were spent with Atletico Madrid and Manchester United, with both teams he was part of many titles such as 3 times Premier League champion, 1 FA Cup, 1 Spanish League Championship and 2 Community Shields; so, his career was full of titles but unfortunately, he couldn't finish it in the best way.

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