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He will be remembered as a legend, De Gea message saddens United fans

De Gea makes official statement on his United situation

By Harry Smith

De Gea makes official statement on his United situation
De Gea makes official statement on his United situation
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The long story between David de Gea and Manchester United, which began a few weeks ago, could be coming to a very hopeful end for those fans who had hoped that the Spanish goalkeeper would stay with the club. 

It all started at the beginning of the summer, the club knew that De Gea's contract was about to expire, so negotiations for his renewal started to take place, the team was willing to pay him a salary of approximately 250,000 pounds a week, everything was going great and fans would have thought that it was just a matter of a few signings for the Spanish goalkeeper to return to Old Trafford

However, the situation started to become complicated for De Gea, as the Red Devils informed him that the last renewal contract was no longer valid, so the salary they had proposed to him was no longer going to be, in addition to that they informed him that if he wanted to stay at the club, he should lower his salary even more; just at that moment when things were more tense, Ten Hag would start looking for his replacement in goal, so the Spanish goalkeeper's hopes of renewing with the club were diminishing. 

Until today, in the afternoon, De Gea said goodbye to the club he had been with for 12 years, in an emotional message via social media, saying "It has been an unforgettable and successful period since I arrived here. Now is the right time to take on a new challenge, to push myself in a new environment." On top of that he added "Manchester will always be in my heart, Manchester has shaped me and will never leave me."

He will always be remembered as a legend

David de Gea has been one of the best goalkeepers to have worn the red devil’s shirt, his more than 500 appearances and 49,000 minutes are just a sample of the journey the Spanish goalkeeper had at Old Trafford and he will certainly be remembered as a great in the history of Manchester United.

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