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He promised to be the new Scholes, cost €39 million and now he will leave through the back door

Arrived to be the new star of the team, but failed at Old Trafford

By Sergio Moya

Arrived to be the new star of the team, but failed at Old Trafford
Arrived to be the new star of the team, but failed at Old Trafford
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In Manchester United's last golden era, many were the names of the players who became legends. One of the most remembered and most beloved was Paul Scholes, an English midfielder who won the hearts of the fans thanks to his great dedication on the pitch and his enormous love for our club, with whom he won 26 titles.


That is why, when in 2020 Manchester United went on the transfer market and spent 39 million euros for a player who promised to be the new Paul Scholes, the fans were immediately excited, because they were talking about one of the great legends in the history of the Red Devils.

We are talking about Donny van de Beek, a Dutch midfielder who dazzled the world when he played for Ajax, a team with which he had a great 2019-2020 season in which they even eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League. Donny was one of the best players of that team and aroused the interest of big clubs in Europe and finally it was our Manchester United who signed him the summer of 2020 with the illusion that he would become one of the key pieces in the future of the team.

However, the reality of Donny van de Beek in the team has been far from what was expected after his arrival. The Dutch midfielder has constantly battled injuries since his arrival at Old Trafford, which has prevented him from showing his best level and could now mean that his time at the club is over.


Donny van de Beek's new destination

According to several reports, Donny van de Beek will not play next season with Manchester United, as Erik ten Hag and his coaching staff are said to be looking to loan him out for at least a year. In fact, there are reports that he has already been offered to Roma, who would welcome Donny's arrival to the team.

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