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He is being compared to Bruno Fernandes, the young starlet looking to shine at United

Erik Ten Hag would see a lot of potential in the rising star

By Harry Smith

Erik Ten Hag would see a lot of potential in the rising star
Erik Ten Hag would see a lot of potential in the rising star
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Bruno Fernandes has been one of the best players to come through the club, his leadership, commitment and dedication have made him a fan favourite and he has become one of Manchester United's captains and a key part of Ten Hag's scheme. 

Since his arrival in the middle of the 19/20 season he has shown his impact immediately, quickly becoming one of the leaders of the dressing room, in addition to that his ability to pass the ball and the vision he has, are one of the qualities that Ten Hag wants so much in his players, for that reason,  Fernandes is a clear example for the young players of the academy who are looking to get to the first team. 

One such player in United's academy is 18-year-old Dan Gore, who has shown outstanding talent and whose impact in winning the FA Youth Cup led to him being named the club's Reserve Player of the Year. 

Not only that, but according to reporter Steven Railston who follows the Under-21s, his form is comparable to that of Bruno Fernandes; this could certainly open many doors for him in the Ten Hag era, who has already put his radar on the player with a view to offering him a chance in the first team in the future. 

Bruno Fernandes' numbers with United 

His signing for 65 million euros, from Sporting Lisbon, was a revelation with the club; the 3 and a half seasons with Manchester United have made clear the skills that Bruno has on the field, as in his 185 games he has been present scoring 64 goals and giving 54 assists, in addition to that his more than 10,000 minutes show the importance he has on the pitch, for that reason he is an immovable piece for Ten Hag.

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