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He fears facing Cristiano, thinks will be tough if Portuguese star plays them

Manchester United will face Barcelona in the Europa League round of 16 qualifiers.

By Harry Smith

Manchester United will face Barcelona in the Europa League round of 16 qualifiers.
Manchester United will face Barcelona in the Europa League round of 16 qualifiers.
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The Red Devils have managed to have a good run of form, it has been very important to have these games against top clubs, last month they faced three Big Six teams, they performed well apart from the disastrous defeat against the Citizens in the Manchester derby. These were games where the 37-year-old Portuguese star was not played, for various reasons he did not play in these games.

Against Manchester City he did not play because the player was not considered to play, they were losing heavily and he did not want to put him in, out of a supposed respect for his great career mentioned Erik ten Hag, then against Tottenham he did not want to put him in in the 2-0 victory, he even had problems with the player who refused to play the final moments, he got upset and left the stadium when the game was still not over, for that reason he was separated from the squad and did not travel to face Chelsea.

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He earned an exemplary punishment so that he understands that he must respect his teammates, he was separated from the first team and was not present with Chelsea, since that discussion he had with Erik ten Hag that angered the Dutch coach with his attitude, he sought a way to improve the performance of the team making him aside from the club, they had a common dialogue where they reached an agreement, if Cristiano does not accept his secondary role he will be released in January.

The team is preparing for this stage without Cristiano, they know that the Portuguese star is not comfortable with the role he has in the institution of Man Utd, he knows that it will be his last moments in the team where he has become an iconic player, it seems that the player has not been happy with the treatment he has received, and most likely he will leave the institution so Xavi spoke about what the Portuguese star represents, he is prepared if he is still at the club and will face him, he will be pending.

“Cristiano is a great player, he has marked an era and he can still make a difference”

Xavi would refer this way of the Portuguese star who has a great talent and is still a great reference of the Manchester United team, if he remains in the team in February he will be pending of what he can be capable if this player remains in the squad of Erik ten Hag, Cristiano for many years faced Barcelona in his first stage in the Red Devils and especially when he was in Real Madrid, he scored them many goals for many years, they have that fear of him scoring them goal again.


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