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He arrived with no expectations, cost 60 million and now the fans love him

The story of the player who won over the fans 

By Harry Smith

The story of the player who won over the fans 
The story of the player who won over the fans 
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Throughout Manchester United's history, many players have passed through the club with the label of great players and with the Reds they could further exploit their potential, however, just as many players become legends at the club, there are many others who turn out to be a disappointment. 

As such, Erik Ten Hag has the difficult task of finding the players who can fulfil a good role within the squad, as well as making them reach their full potential, unfortunately he has not had much luck of late, with several of United's signings not performing as expected, so fans are beginning to despair. 

One of those players the club has been counting on is Aaron Wan-Bissaka who signed almost 4 years ago for a total of 60 million euros, although he didn't have much involvement with United at first, as the years went by he became a great replacement player, who the team has been able to count on in difficult moments and he has responded in a good way. 

Although Aaron is not a starter in the team today, the coach has a lot of confidence in him in the defence, his playing style and his impetus have shown that he has the desire to excel, for that reason Ten Hag would be using him throughout the pre-season to see his level of play and see if he can get a little more minutes during the Premier League season.


Wan-Bissaka and his United journey

The English defender debuted at Crystal Palace and quickly became one of the key pieces of the club, for that reason in the 19/20 season, Manchester United would sign him for a good amount of money and although he has not become a key player as he was at Crystal, it is true that Aaron has had good performances with the club that have allowed him to get some playing time, because during the 4 seasons, the player has played 160 games, with 11 assists and more than 13,538 minutes. 

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