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Former Aston Villa striker says he prefers Arnautović over Jadon Sancho

By Harry Smith

Former Aston Villa striker says he prefers Arnautović over Jadon Sancho

Gabriel Agbonlahor thinks the fans should lower their expectations of transfers

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Earlier today, talkSPORT pundit Gabriel Agbonlahor was talking in one of their programs when he exploded against Manchester United fans after all their criticism towards the possible Marko Arnautović deal. He claims that this is the actual level of the Red Devils at the moment and their supporters should realize that.

“I don’t know who Manchester United fans think they are. Arnautović makes that Manchester United squad a better squad. They have got to stop living in the Fergie years. Man United is a club right now that can’t attract top players. They aren’t shopping at Harrods anymore! The club is at a different place”, he said angrily.

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The former Aston Villa player also added that he would take the 33-year-old Austrian striker over Jadon Sancho any day of the week: “I would rather have Arnautović in my team than Jadon Sancho at the moment. The age does not matter if he makes that team better for a season. Forget about what the fans think. After he scores two goals, they will change their opinion”.

He woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Agbonlahor’s comments are all over of place. The Red Devils are still a big club that attracts big players as we have seen recently with the arrivals of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, and Raphaël Varane. He is also missing the point because Manchester United fans were not angry just because they believe Arnautović is not on the club’s level, but because of his multiple racism accusations in the past.


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