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For this reason, FIFA prevents Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo from separating their paths

By Jose Castro

For this reason, FIFA prevents Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo from separating their paths

The reasons why FIFA would not allow Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo not to end their relationship

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have a relationship that can break at any time. This is because the Portuguese soccer player is not convinced with the team's project for this season, the Red Devils will not play the Champions League and the start in the Premier League has been the worst in 100 years of history. The fans begin to despair of this crisis and see in CR7 a great culprit of this.

Can Manchester United fire Cristiano Ronaldo? This question is asked by too many fans on social media; this is because of the serious crisis that the club is experiencing this season. In addition, the Portuguese striker has shown his anger on several occasions against the team because is really notorious that he does not want to continue playing in the Premier League. Even Sky Sports reported that the Red Devils are considering terminating CR7's contract.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has not had formal offers to be hired, and it is that big clubs such as Inter Milan, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG and Bayern Munich no longer see CR7 as a soccer player who guarantees them goals. give them championships and stability. Manchester United's desire to break the contract with the Portuguese cannot be fulfilled due to various factors.

There would be heavy penalties.

The Mundo Deportivo portal mentions that if Manchester United broke its relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and left him as a free agent, FIFA would punish the club for article 17 of the Player Statute and Transfer, the sanction would be not to hire new players and renew people until further notice.

On the other hand, if CR7 wanted to end his relationship with the club without the permission of Manchester United. FIFA could punish the striker without the possibility of playing a single match in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The most sensible thing for both parties is to continue with the remaining year of their contract.


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