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Fans upset, Glazer's final decision on team takeover will push away the two contenders

Fans want the Glazers to move out of charge of the club

By Harry Smith

Fans want the Glazers to move out of charge of the club
Fans want the Glazers to move out of charge of the club
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The Glazers remain in the midst of a lengthy process to sell Manchester United, news of alternative ownership was announced eight months ago and the situation remains unresolved despite the Premier League season being just around the corner.

During this rumour-filled story, only two contenders remain to become United's new owner, Jim Ratcliffe, who appears to be the Glazers' favourite, and Qatari Sheikh Jassim Al Thani, both of whom have put their proposals on the table since June, without receiving any news or updates to help take the negotiations to the next level and bring the matter to a quicker resolution.

While rumours had been swirling a couple of weeks ago that the Glazers might go for the Qatari sheikh because his offer would keep Manchester United in the market, it would have given hope to fans who want to see a new owner of the club with fresh ideas and without the mismanagement of the American family. 

However, the situation has turned on its head and when there seemed to be a clear winner, the Glazers have managed to dispel all those illusions, due to their indecision, which could alienate both contenders who have not received an answer. There is no doubt that this is upsetting to any fan, as the current owners continue to sink the team and continue to mismanage it on and off the pitch. United's new owner could be close to being unveiled

Sheikh Jassim's offer that cheers fans up a bit

The Qatari group is one of the strongest contenders to buy the team, their economic power and the vision they have for Manchester United have the fans excited about their possible arrival and although it is known that the Glazers are not even close to making a decision, the 6.5 billion offer plus all the economic injection in both new reinforcements and a complete remodeling of the facilities, can give us hope that if the proposal of Sheikh Jassim wins, the club could live a much better time than it is currently living.

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