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Cody Gakpo says his future will unfold in the next couple of days

Cody Gakpo finally spoke about Manchester United's future interest in him

By Harry Smith

Cody Gakpo finally spoke about Manchester United's future interest in him
Cody Gakpo finally spoke about Manchester United's future interest in him
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Manchester United have been linked with many players this summer transfer window. However, their main target has always been Antony Matheus from Ajax, which will be happening according to several reports. Nevertheless, Cody Gakpo’s name was always mentioned too as a possible alternative, or even as a complement for Antony.

A few weeks ago, the PSV Eindhoven forward was closer than ever to Manchester United, as they had almost given up on signing Antony. Some reports suggested that PSV would facilitate his departure if they failed to qualify for the Champions League, in which they were still alive at the moment. Last week they were eliminated, but the English club’s interest cooled off overnight.

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Today Cody Gakpo gave a post-match interview to ESPN after PSV’s 6-1 win in the Eredivisie and was asked about Antony’s transfer to Ma United almost being completed: “Nice for him. But for me and my future, I think that has no influence. It’s like a puzzle so in the next days I will see which puzzle fits best. For me, It would be certainly not bad to stay at PSV. We’ll see”.

The 23-year-old winger suggested that there are other clubs interested in signing him, but the Red Devils’ interest is more serious than the others: “There are also other options, United are a serious option. I can hear it all. I try to shut myself off from it, but it’s difficult”. A few weeks ago, his manager Ruud van Nistelrooy said that he was surprised by his ability to focus with all those rumors flying around.

It could still happen

This past few days, after Antony got closer to Manchester United, some media outlets have been saying that the Red Devils had backed away from their interest in Cody Gakpo, while other were reporting that his signing could still happen, regardless of what happened with Antony. Although it seems complicated that both Eredivisie stars will arrive, it would be a power move by Erik ten Hag if he somehow manages to do it.

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