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Christian Eriksen worries Manchester United and complicates his future with Ten Hag

Manchester United are not sure about the future of Eriksen.

By Angus Barnes

Manchester United are not sure about the future of Eriksen.
Manchester United are not sure about the future of Eriksen.
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The red devils are looking to make some changes to the team, and it seems that now they would need to think about the role of the midfielder and the situation that he is in.

Manchester United have started to suffer from a lot of injuries once again, and it seems that this current situation could force the team to look for some other options in the next part of the season, and that could really change the situation of several players that are on the team right now and that would need to make some changes to the current line up for this season.

It has been confirmed that Christian Eriksen left the Denmark National team to go back to the red devils to have some exams due to his injury, and at this point it has been confirmed that he has suffer from a knee injury and that is pretty likely that he could miss the rest of the year, and that situation could really change his future now.

The main concern for the red devils at this point is the fact that this is not the first time that Christian Eriksen has suffer from a knee injury, and that could really complicate the future of the player that has been a starter for several games in the season, but now this situation could change that in the next transfer window for the player.

Because while it seems that the red devils have no intention to sign a midfielder with the current financial situation of the team, the fact is that they would need to start looking for a replacement for Christian Eriksen in the transfer window, also taking into account that the player is already 31 years old and that he could suffer from more injuries in the season.

Christian Eriksen role

The fact is that Ten Hag really likes to put Christian Eriksen in because he believes that he is a very different midfielder and that he brings to the pitch several things that players like Casemiro or even Bruno are not able to do now.

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