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Ben Foster talks about Dalot's actions with Manchester United against Liverpool

Manchester United former keeper agrees with the referees decision.

By Angus Barnes

Manchester United former keeper agrees with the referees decision.
Manchester United former keeper agrees with the referees decision.
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The red devils are going to try and appeal for the red card to be remove, but now the former keeper believes that it was a the players fault now for that decision.

Manchester United team is concerned about the fact that they might not count with Diogo Dalot for the next game of the season, and while they are looking for the referees to go ahead and change that decision, the fact is that now they might be looking to go ahead and try to show the players that they do not need to act that way in front of the refeeres now.

“I do think it is a red card. If I was a referee, I’m sending him off for that. Honestly, I promise you. He’s just had a yellow card right, to then do that again, it’s pathetic." Foster started, and the fact is that Dalot managed to get both yellow cards shown for protesting a throw in, a situation that could easily be avoided for him.

Foster added, “You have to have emotional intelligence at that moment. It’s petulance, just as bad as two-footing sometimes, it’s going to get you booked, it’s going to get you a second booking, so don’t do it." and the fact is that the nerves of the final minutes of the game might have something to do with the reaction from the player.

“You can’t act like Dalot did. It doesn’t look good and isn’t a good image to be portraying around the world. Whether you like it or not, that is the remit referees have been given this season. That is why there is such a high number of yellow cards for this type of offence.” Foster ended on the reaction from the red devils defender on the last minutes of the game.

Diogo Dalot situation

It has been confirmed that the office of the team have sent a letter to try and change the decision on the red card shown to Diogo Dalot, but the fact is that the situation might be really hard to change this next week.

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