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Bayern Munich want De Gea, what they would pay relative to what the goalkeeper was earning at United

David de Gea could be on his way to European giants

By Harry Smith

David de Gea could be on his way to European giants
David de Gea could be on his way to European giants
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It has been almost a month since the news broke that David de Gea would be leaving Manchester United, in a touching message the Spanish goalkeeper said goodbye to his teammates and the fans that accompanied him during his 12 years at Old Trafford, however, at the moment he is still without a team. 

While Manchester United moved swiftly to sign De Gea's replacement, the Spanish goalkeeper has yet to sign for a club, although he has had several offers from clubs in Saudi Arabia, but has not yet decided where he will continue his football career, and remains one of the unknowns of this transfer window. 

The 32-year-old goalkeeper, who is in the final stages of his career, would be expected to sign for a lesser team, but according to sources close to Bayern Munich, the club is very interested in the goalkeeper as Manuel Neuer's understudy and will probably serve as competition for both goalkeepers to fight for the starting line-up.

Undoubtedly this would be an excellent opportunity for De Gea who could continue to compete at a high level, staying in Europe and fighting for a relevant position within the Bavarian club, even so, more updates will continue to come out during the week, which may reveal if the Spanish goalkeeper could already make a decision about his future or we will have to wait longer to know what will happen. 

Gains for De Gea

David de Gea was one of the highest paid players when he was at Manchester United, in fact one of the reasons why he couldn't reach an agreement with the Red Devils was because of the salary issue, as the Spanish goalkeeper was earning £375,000 a week; Now that he is a free agent his signing would not cost anything for Bayern Munich so they could give him a little more in his salary, although they have just shown interest in the player, some close sources report that his salary could be around 12-15 million a year, a little less compared to what he received at Old Trafford.

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