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As Sheikh Jassim despairs, Ratcliffe's action that would make him United's new owner

Glazers may have their favourite despite fans' feelings 

By Harry Smith

Glazers may have their favourite despite fans' feelings 
Glazers may have their favourite despite fans' feelings 
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Sir Jim Ratcliffe has been very confident in his latest statements to the media, and it would seem that the Glazer family would take him as the favourite to take over the club, ahead of Sheikh Jassim Al Thani who has also made a great proposal that has all the fans excited. 

However, the balance would start to tip in favour of the British billionaire, as the Glazers have shown more openness with him in the meetings they have held, making it clear that Ratcliffe's offer to buy only a percentage of the shares would be better than that of the Qatari sheikh who seeks to have control of the entire team, in addition to a complete renovation of the club. 

The sporting director of INEOS, Ratcliffe's company, has stated that despite the latest updates due to the deadline imposed by the Premier League to add new owners, the businessman still feels very interested in buying the team, while Sheikh Jassim has already shown his dissatisfaction with the situation and his possible withdrawal; for that reason, the Briton has remained calm, as he knows that at this moment he could be placed above the Qatari group.

What could be known is that both contenders have very different visions and plans, which could mark a new beginning for Manchester United and that decision making could affect or benefit the future of the club. 

The vision that Sheikh Jassim had and now seems to be far from being fulfilled

According to Qatari media, Sheikh Jassim Al Thani is the favourite to win the race to become the new owner of Manchester United, while Jim Ratcliffe has been mentioned as the favourite of the glazers, so we are still in the uncertainty of who could be the new owner; what is already known is the offer that the Qatari Sheikh put on the table, which is more than 6. 000 billion, an avenue of money that would be virtually unlimited for new signings and rebuilding, as well as taking full control of the club and locking the Glazers out of any management, something we fans have been waiting for.

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