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Another problem would arise, Sheikh Jassim could be out of contention for United, Ratcliffe smiles

The last few days have not been easy for Sheikh Jassim's aspirations

By Harry Smith

The last few days have not been easy for Sheikh Jassim's aspirations
The last few days have not been easy for Sheikh Jassim's aspirations
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Sheikh Jassim Al Thani is one of the two candidates looking to take over Manchester United, over the last few weeks several updates have emerged that would have placed him as the favourite contender to own the club, however, a number of situations could see him lose negotiating strength. 

The first problem that would arise would be due to the doubts that his financing would generate, the Glazers would have received a proposal from the Qatari sheikh that would include the payment of the debt, plus a financial fund for the remodeling of certain areas of the club, in addition to that Jassim would take full charge of United, so the Glazers family would not like that so much and decided to make him wait with his decision. 

The second problem arose recently when, according to the Daily Express, Sheikh Jassim could be prevented from injecting a large amount of money into the club and spending it in the transfer market due to the new Financial Fair Play rules, which would be coming into force for the 24/25 season; so, one of the main attractions of his offer could be diminished because UEFA would lower the percentage of what the club can spend to 80%. 

These two situations have undoubtedly dented the hopes of Sheikh Jassim who now looks the underdog, while his rival, businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has been able to benefit from these two situations, putting him in the lead to become the new owner of Manchester United. 

How Ratcliffe has benefited from Sheikh Jassim's troubles 

While the Qatari Sheikh Jassim Al Thani is at a disadvantage, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has been able to take advantage of the situation; firstly with the talks he has had with the Glazer family, in addition to his offer that would allow them to continue owning a percentage of the club and in the other case UEFA has unintentionally benefited the businessman with the rule that they have taken out of multiownership, which would allow the British, if he becomes the new owner, to have two clubs playing competitions in Europe.

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