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Another problem, the Glazers continue to accumulate bad decisions that upset the fans

Fans are becoming more desperate about the situation

By Harry Smith

Fans are becoming more desperate about the situation
Fans are becoming more desperate about the situation
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The Glazers continue to be in the eye of the storm, if not for their indecision, it is for the problems they are getting the team into, which is why fans are already calling for the departure of the American family, who seem far from being able to leave the reins of Manchester United, so everyone involved will have to be patient with the situation. 

As we already knew, the Glazers have not been able to make a decision on who will be the next owner, both candidates are still waiting to receive an answer or to continue negotiations, after having already put their offers on the table since the beginning of June and although this is one of the big problems the club has, there have been others that continue to add to the already bad management of the current owners. 

For starters, the debt situation has been something that the team has been suffering from this summer, as the budget has been affected not only when it comes to signing new players, which has been a challenge for United, as teams have inflated the prices of their players; but they have also suffered when it comes to retaining players, as due to their wages or early expiry of their contract, the club has had to put them on transfer. 

According to one report, in the last three years, the Red Devils have only received £74.3 million from the sale of their players, while they have spent around £325 million on new signings, raising a red flag that Ten Hag would have to address by trying to sell at least 13 players this summer. 

UEFA has fined United

As if that wasn't enough debt, the club has been fined 300,000 euros by UEFA and its Financial Fair Play sub-division for an allegedly minimal break-even deficit, which United reportedly reported, after this year's record level of revenue expected by clubs in England following the pandemic years.

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