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Again they failed, Glazers' latest action that angers all fans

The Glazers continue to sink the team with their decisions and actions

By Harry Smith

The Glazers continue to sink the team with their decisions and actions
The Glazers continue to sink the team with their decisions and actions
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Eight months on from the Glazer family's announcement that they were putting Manchester United up for sale, now the Premier League is about to start and there is still no sign of a decision, fans and all those involved are still waiting for a resolution that now looks increasingly distant. 

Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim Al Thani and billionaire businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe have established themselves as the only two favourites to secure the new ownership of Manchester United, both of whom have been bidding for the club since early June; Sheikh Jassim would seek to take full control of the club, while the English businessman would only seek a majority stake, but neither candidate has received any response from the American family. 

This has undoubtedly made most fans feel desperate, seeing that the current owners have not done anything of what they said since November, although the club is currently playing pre-season and the new signings have already been presented, that does not take the fans' minds off the situation that the club is living with the Glazers. 

For as we know the Glazer family have not maintained a close relationship with the fans since they took over, it has been clear that they do not care about the feelings we may feel and that has been evident in the eight months since they opted to open the door to new investors and now they have gone quiet, without saying any updates. 

Sheikh Jassim is said to be the favourite.

Just a few days ago a statement came out that the Premier League would close the doors to the addition of new owners for the 23/24 season, so the Glazers would remain in charge of the team for another year, this due to the indecision that has taken quite some time since Sheikh Jassim presented his offer, however, it would have been said that the proposal of the Qatari group would have divided the American family as 4 of its 6 members would have opted for the Sheikh as the new owner, but Joel and Avram are to blame for the fact that the sale of United is not taking place.

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